The Best Sandra Boynton Books

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Reading a Sandra Boynton board book is like getting ready for bed by putting on your comfiest party clothes, cozy and celebratory all at once! It’s almost impossible to miss her expansive collection even if you don’t have children in your life since it includes everything from board book sets to gift books for graduates. She even has a collection of silly song and dance books that host a variety of celebrity guests!

Additionally, many of her books and songs can be found online on YouTube as read alouds or just tunes to sing along with at your heart’s content. Her adorable books are everywhere and appeal to everyone who loves cute animal drawings and being silly.

Sandra Boynton’s book list is so expansive that it can feel overwhelming. I can help. Here is a top ten list of the best Sandra Boynton books.

Sandra Boynton Books

The Best Sandra Boynton Books

The Best Sandra Boynton Books
Snuggle Puppy: The silliest love note to the little one you love to snuggle, this book is also a song that’s featured in her songbook Philadelphia Chickens. This one doesn’t get old so you can read it on repeat to your snuggle puppy.

The Best Sandra Boynton Books
Pajama Time: One of the most fun books to read before bed! It’s just the right amount of pajama party and sleepy time, and is also a featured song in Philadelphia Chickens. This is a great book to read with any kiddo that doesn’t love getting into their pajamas because it makes pajama time into a party you won’t want to miss!

The Best Sandra Boynton Books
Barnyard Dance and Woodland Dance: Two of the most adorable dance parties you’ll ever attend. Sweet rhyming romps with the cutest animals all boogying on the farm or in the woods, and both of these books will have you ready to do-si-do right alongside.

Moo, Baa, La La La:
Need something fun and silly that you can read over and over and get a laugh every time? Then this is the one for you! Cows say moo and sheep say baa, but what do three singing pigs say? Why, la la la of course! A short and sweet giggle fest.

The Best Sandra Boynton Books
Birthday Monsters:
This Sandra Boynton book makes a fun gift for a little birthday monster in your life! A great read on a birthday or any day, the birthday monsters are here to celebrate. But imagine toddlers celebrating a birthday, because the birthday monsters are kinda like that. Rhyming hijinks ensue, and lots of laughter too!

Yay You: Moving Up and Moving On:
This is a lovely gift book for graduates or anyone moving on to another phase in their life. Silly yet poignant, this book features Sandra Boynton’s classic animal characters with simple rhymes about what you can do in this immense world.

Jungle Night (with audio download):
A songbook, yes, but different from her others because the song for this is played on cello by Yo-Yo Ma. You can hear the song online with two digital downloads included with the book. It’s a sleepy time in the jungle, except an elephant-sized snore is keeping everyone awake! Funny as always, and includes new animal characters from the jungle. This one goes well with her morning-time book, Hey! Wake Up! 

The Best Sandra Boynton Books
Philadelphia Chickens and One Shoe Blues:
Two of her song books that are not to be missed! One Shoe Blues is also a musical short film starring B. B. King and some silly sock puppets. After those musical marvels, don’t forget Hog Wild and Dog Train, two more song books. Or Blue Moo and Rhinoceros Tap! Is it cheating to list all of these as one entry? Maybe, but they are all so good that none could be left out!

Singing is a fun way to introduce toddlers to all kinds of music, including the blues. You can find parts of these on YouTube too, which is a fun way to sing along. Songbooks are Sandra Boynton at her absolute finest, so don’t miss these gems! Sandra Boynton and Michael Ford have written six albums, three of which are certified gold (over 500,000 copies sold.) Philadelphia Chickens was nominated for a Grammy and is certified Plantinum with over 1 million copies sold.

Dinosaur Dance:
A fun, skat-filled book about dancing dinosaurs that is a toddler favorite! You can stomp along with all the rhyming skat-a-tat-kiddely-pow. This one is especially fun for budding dinosaur fans, and can help them identify different dinosaurs, like the blue stegosaurus and its shimmy shimmy shake!

The Best Sandra Boynton Books
One, Two Three: A Happy Counting Book:
The title gets this right, it is a very happy counting book! From one to ten and back again, you can count all the things you can do with others in a fun, rhyming way.

There are so many funny Sandra Boynton books to explore, the toddlers in your life will have a blast hearing them all! Luckily, many of her top favorites come in sets, but this list can help you create your own fantastic and adorable board book basket of fun. Do you like Sandra Boynton songbooks or board books best?

How many books has Sandra Boynton sold?

According to publisher Simon and Schuster, Sandra Boynton has written and illustrated over 75 children’s books.

How old is Sandra Boynton?

Sandra Boynton was born in 1953.

Where can you find her artwork beyond books?

I love Sandra Boynton’s puzzles and calendars.

Reading a Sandra Boynton board book is like getting ready for bed by putting on your comfiest party clothes, cozy and celebratory all at once!


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