15 Picture Books to Teach Positive Character Traits

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One way to teach children positive character traits is through reading picture books with characters who exemplify attributes that we see as important, such as perseverance, resiliency, curiosity, creativity, and kindness.

What are character traits? By definition, character traits are the building blocks of a person’s personality. We teachers, parents, and caregivers can emphasize positive traits that can help children blossom.

Here is a list of the positive character traits you’ll find in the picture books below:


positive character traits in picture books

Positive character traits are more than personality traits; they’re positive characteristics of someone’s personality that we all can work toward growing, developing, and building. We show this through example (modeling) and explicit instruction including in mentor children’s books like these.

Before, during, and after reading, ask students about what each character trait looks like. What is the main character doing that show this positive trait? What is the opposite of this positive trait? (the negative?) What does that look like?

Other positive character traits include:

Teaching Positive Character Traits Through Picture Books

Here is a character trait book list for preschoolers and up that can illustrate these eleven essential characteristics.

Character Traits: Bravery, Resilience, and Perseverance

Teaching Positive Character Traits Through Picture Books
Jabari Jumps
and Jabari Tries by Gaia Cornwall
Both of these books feature Jabari, a young boy with a lot of positive character traits, like perseverance during times of difficulty. In
Jabari Jumps, he shows the positive character traits of bravery and determination when preparing to leap from the high dive. It’s scary to climb all the way up, can he do it? 

In Jabari Tries, he has many positive character traits including resiliency, problem-solving, and determination to make his invention fly even when it is hard and he is frustrated. But with some flexible thinking and help from an unlikely source (his little sister), he can make it soar after all!

After The Fall
by Dan Santat
When Humpty Dumpty fell off of his favorite wall, he didn’t want to climb back up again because he was afraid. He didn’t even like to get his favorite cereal from up high on a shelf! But after he has to climb again to reach something important, he realizes all he was missing out on. This lovely book illustrates how the positive character trait of perseverance.

She’s Got This
by Olympic Gold medalist Laurie Hernandez
After falling during gymnastic practice, Zoe wants to give up gymnastics forever. But instead, her family celebrates her fall and encourages her to keep going. There will be more falls, but also much more fun and success if she keeps getting back up on the balance beam. 

Character Traits: Honesty and Integrity

Teaching Positive Character Traits Through Picture Books
A Bike Like Sergio’s
by Maribeth Boelts and Noah Z. Jones
When Rueben finds some money, he has to decide whether or not he will buy himself the bike he wants or give the money back to its rightful owner. He really wants a bike and knows his family can’t afford one, but what about the woman who dropped the money in the first place? Does she need the money back? A moral quandary for Rueben, but with some empathy, he comes to a decision that makes everyone proud. 

Teaching Positive Character Traits Through Picture Books
Say Something
by Peter H. Reynolds
This book shows many different ways we can speak up for ourselves, for others, for beauty, and for the world by doing everything from writing poems to stopping a bully. There is integrity and empathy positive character traits in these actions, and they all come together to make the world a better place. 

How To Be A Lion
by Ed Vere
Leonard the Lion doesn’t want to do what the other lions do, including eat his best friend who is a duck. But does this mean Leonard is not a “real lion”? Leonard realizes he is happy just the way he is and doesn’t need to change. There are so many ways to be a lion and staying true to himself is the best way for him. 

Character Trait: Curiosity

Teaching Positive Character Traits Through Picture Books
I Wonder
by K.A. Holt and Kenard Pak
This is a book filled with questions, both big and small that can help kids keep their minds curious and engaged. I wonder too, what do clouds taste like? Bonus, the illustrations in this book are also filled with beauty and wonder! 

he Girl With The Big, Big Questions
by Britney Winn Lea and Jacob Souva
Big questions can come from anywhere and anyone, and this girl has some good ones! This rhyming book lets children know that it’s always okay to ask questions, even if they are difficult to answer. In fact, questions can help save the day! 

Why Am I Me?
by Paige Britt, Selina Alko, and Sean Qualls
Why am I me and not you? A simple book with a complex concept that not only covers the basics of what character traits are but also encourages the character trait of curiosity in all things, even about what makes us who we are. Lovely illustrations round out the interesting context. 

Character Traits: Kindness, Empathy, Acceptance

Be Kind
by Pat Zietlow Miller and Jen Hill
What does it mean to be kind? When Tanisha spills juice on her favorite dress and everyone laughs, her classmate wonders what could she have done to help? Doing something kind, but what does that really mean? Making people laugh at her instead? Giving Tanisha her sweatshirt? Many different ways of showing others that we care are explored, and in the end, an act of kindness helps Tanisha feel better about the day. 

Brave As A Mouse
by Nicolo Carozzi
When Mouse and Fish are playing, three big cats prowl around the fishbowl. What can a small mouse do to help distract the cats away from the trouble they seem to be starting? A wild adventure ensues showing the positive character traits of bravery, kindness, and empathy. These character traits go a long way in being a good friend, no matter how small you are!

Walk With Vanessa
by Kerascoet
A lovely, wordless picture book that is all about standing up for others. When Vanessa is being bullied, others come out to show her their support and walk with her each day to school. Even in ways that might seem small, we can stand up for others.  

Character Traits: Confidence and Self-Respect

Don’t Touch My Hair
by Sharee Miller
When the main character wants people to stop touching her hair, she learns that the only thing that works is to say it out loud, not run and hide. Saying what you need or want, and letting people know your boundaries is a positive thing! Body autonomy is another important aspect of this book and of learning the character traits of self-respect and assertiveness. 

The Day You Begin
by Jacqueline Woodson and Rafael Lopez
Even when we feel quiet or like we don’t fit in, the day we begin to open ourselves to the world and tell our stories is the day we truly begin to accept and love who we are. We can find beauty in our differences and connection in our similarities, and confidence in ourselves when we share our voices with others. 

by Ian De Haes
Sometimes we all need a reminder to embrace what makes us special and let our light shine. When Nour’s classmates tell her that her superpower of being luminous isn’t a superpower after all, she tries to dim her light. But then she is reminded how her light is beautiful and helpful, and what makes us special can be a superpower after all. 

15 Picture Books to Teach Positive Character Traits


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  1. I am currently working on a 40 Book Review Project for a college course and over half of the books I chose teach a positive character trait. I want to teach PREK, so I chose to use this project to find some of the best books in this category. I will have to use one of the books you suggested in the project. Thank you!