Top 40 Favorites: Unicorn Book List for Kids

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Does your child love unicorns? Of all the magical creatures in the world, unicorns are probably the most beloved by children. Celebrate these fantastical creatures with a memorable unicorn book or three — picture books for younger readers and chapter books and middle grade books for older readers.

And if you find out that unicorns are real, will you let me know? Because I’m almost positive, they’re out there somewhere…

Magical Unicorn Book List for Kids

Find Your Next Favorite Unicorn Book

Picture Books

What’s In Unicorn’s Backpack by Joan Holub, illustrated by Alyssa Nassner
Unicorn likes science, art, and games, as you’ll see when you lift the flap on the pages of this charming board book. You’ll also see what food Unicorn eats (rainbow chip ice cream) and take a peek at her homework. Toddlers and preschoolers will fall in love this interactive unicorn book.

unicorn's school dayUnicorn’s School Day by Lucy Golden, illustrated by Sophie Beer
In this fun and colorful back-to-school book, kids turn a wheel on each page which changes a word and an illustration. Unicorn goes to school and he plays with either dominoes, toothbrushes, celery sticks, lollipops, or doughnuts. Isn’t that clever? Unicorn has a wonderful day at school and can’t wait to return the next day.

Unicorns 101 by Cale Atkinson
If you like goofy humor and mythical creatures, you’ll adore this Unicorn book! Four unicorn scientists share the facts you need to know about unicorns. You’ll learn their scientific name: Betterthan horsicus, their life span: super long, their colors: all of them, and the many uses of the horns: doughnut holder, tent pole, marshmallow stick, and pinata smasher. If you’re wondering what unicorns eat, it’s 24-carat cake and peanut butter and pixie dust sandwiches. Plus, now it’s finally confirmed — unicorns do poop cupcakes. This hilarious book is packed with tidbits and info on the majestic, magical, better-than-horses UNICORNS!

Unicorn Not Wanted by Fred Blunt
In a metafiction story, the narrator welcomes us to a book without any unicorns…all about cowboys. But the unicorn and the pug are not happy with the narrator’s decisions. In fact, the unicorn cries and cries. So the narrator gives them both a small part — but the unicorn isn’t happy with his disguise. Surprise, surprise, it turns out to be a unicorn story after all. Kids will love this silly unicorn’s antics!

Uni the Unicorn
Uni the Unicorn
by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
All the other unicorns laugh at Uni because Uni believes that little girls are REAL. Uni imagines all the fun she would have with a girl. What Uni didn’t know was that there was a real little girl who all the other kids laugh at, also because she believes unicorns are real. And she is dreaming of a unicorn friend just like Uni. How sweet is this story!

You Don't Want a Unicorn! Children's Picture Books about Pets 2017You Don’t Want a Unicorn! by Ame Dyckman, illustrated by Liz Climo
Get the inside scoop as our narrator breaks down the perils of keeping unicorns as pets. The problems are…they can’t be house-trained, they have really big unicorn parties, and the horn is very destructive, especially after jumping! Basically, this is a helpful cautionary tale.

Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great by Bob Shea
This is an absolutely hysterical unicorn book for kids! Goat is very irritated when Unicorn moves to town and does everything better than Goat. Goat made marshmallow squares but Unicorn makes it rain cupcakes. However, when Unicorn prances by, he’s amazed by Goat’s ability to eat garbage and to head-butt the soccer ball. Before you know it, the two are best friends.

by Victoria Kann
My kids adored the Goldilocious picture book series –more than me, to be honest. In this unicorn story, Pinkalicious plays with her (pretend) pet unicorn, Goldilicious, getting her ready for the unicorn ball, teaching her ballet, and pretending with her little brother.

Lily the Unicorn
by Dallas Clayton
Lily is an exuberant unicorn who likes to make things — music, a mess, and friends. She can’t wait to do fun things with her new friend named Roger. Only Roger is afraid… Lily persists with new ideas like games and inventions that help Roger have fun. Playful illustrations and hand lettering add joyful pizazz.

Unicorns Are the Worst by Alex Willan
Goblin is annoyed when unicorns move in next door — maybe even jealous. Because unicorns just frolic all day long and they get their own themed birthday party supplies! AND THERE’S SO MUCH GLITTER and so many tea parties…to which they don’t invite Goblin. Unicorns are really the worst! But Goblin’s opinion changes when the unicorns help him escape a dragon. Clearly, dragons are really the worst. Exceptional, inviting artwork!

Donut the Unicorn Who Wants to Fly by Laura Gehl, illustrated by Andrea Zuill
Simple rhyming noun-verb combos show a persistent unicorn who keeps trying to fly and eventually, DOES!Donut sails! Donut flails.” Enchanting, expressive illustrations narrate much of this charming story. You can’t help but cheer Donut on!

The Best Narwhal Books for KidsNot Quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima
Kelp notices that he is different than the other narwhals in his pod — he’s not a good swimmer and has a shorter tusk. Since no one else cares, he doesn’t either. Until a current carries him to an island where he sees land animals (Land Narwhals!) that look just like him. It turns out these are unicorns and Kelp is a unicorn, too. Kelp loves the unicorns but misses his sea family. Fortunately, he finds a way to spend time with both his land and sea families.

Claire and the Unicorn Happy Ever After by B.G. Hennessy, illustrated by Susan Mitchell
Someone gave this picture unicorn book with a unicorn plush toy to one of my daughters. It quickly became a favorite bedtime story to read. After Claire listens to her father read her fairy tales, she snuggles to sleep with her stuffed unicorn, Capricorn. In her dreams, Capricorn is real and takes Claire on an adventure to figure out what “happily ever after” means.

This Is Not a Unicorn by Barry Timms, illustrated by Ged Adamson
Playful rhyming wordplay describes a not-a-unicorn who is the perfect friend to the girl. In fact this creature is a “blow-up-your-balloon-icorn” “tickle-everywhere-icorn” and “make-your-garden-bloom-icorn” unicorn best friend. I love the bright pops of neon colors in the illustrations.

Unicorn Christmas by Diana Murray, illustrated by Luke Flowers
The unicorns get ready for Christmas with colorful, playful cards, decorations, and songs — but they stop everything to help exhausted Santa and his reindeer deliver gifts. Rhyming and festive.

Little Lost Unicorn by Lorna Hussey
Beautiful, embossed illustrations will captivate readers, as will the story about a unicorn who gets lost in the forest, makes friends with the forest creatures, and saves a little bunny who falls into the water.

The Legend of the First Unicorn by Lari Don, illustrated by Natasa Ilincic
This is the story of a prince who lost his smile and the girl who created the world’s first unicorn to help the prince smile again. Not only is this a Scottish legend that includes a griffon, but it shows a female heroine with magic who saves the prince’s smile, a ferocious battle between the griffon and unicorn, and a happy ending.

The Very Short, Entirely True History of Unicorns by Sarah Laskow, illustrated by Sam Beck
If you’re a wish-there-were-unicorns kind of person like me, you’ll want to buy this book of myths and stories; you’ll be able to read and reread it for hours! From artwork, mythology, man-made unicorns, unicorn huntings, magical myths, and even 21st-century unicorns, this book is a recommended well-written and illustrated unicorn resource.

Top Activity Books for Kids Ages 9 to 12
How to Draw a Unicorn and Other Cute Animals (With Simple Shapes in 5 Steps)
by Lulu Mayo
ages 6 – 16
My oldest daughter AJ loves the step-by-step directions in this drawing book. You’ll find directions for 30 animals, including a llama, sloth, beaver, panda, tiger, and much more. AJ likes that she can easily draw these on her new iPad with the Pencil.

This is the Glade Where Jack Lives Or How a Unicorn Saved the Day by Carey F. Armstrong-Ellis
Fantasy creatures and all-white characters cleverly reenact the familiar poem, “This is the house that Jack built”, but in a fairy tale setting.This is the mermaid, spritzing hair spray, that trips up the imp, all warty and gray, that stole the cake that fairies baked that was brought to the gnome that dwells in the tree that grows in the glad where Jack lives.” Jack is the unicorn — and he will fix everything when it’s all gone totally awry.

I’m a Unicorn by Helen Yoon
Kids will crack up at this one-horned calf who uses logic to decide that one horn equals being a unicorn! The calf reads about unicorns and notices the similarities. Bu there’s no rainbow poop! In distress, the calf apologizes to the unicorns who show the calf what to eat in order to poop rainbows — and it’s happily ever unicorn after that!

Manolo and the Unicorn by Jackie Azua Kramer and Jonah Kramer, illustrated by Zach Manbeck
Manolo’s classmates tease him about his favorite animal, the unicorn, which he wants to be for the Wild Animal Parade. But he’s worried that unicorns aren’t real, so a unicorn takes him on a magical forest adventure. He makes a costume with a silky mane, a shimmery tail, and a shining horn. At school, he shares about unicorns with his classmates, who become enthusiastic believers.

Beginning Chapter Books

Sparkly New Friends (Unicorn and Yeti) by Heather Ayris Burnell, illustrated by Hazel Quintanilla (EASY READER)
Unicorn helps Yeti be grateful and confident about who he is and where he lives. Then Yeti helps Unicorn try new things like a snowball fight. Short stories of friendship between two mythical creatures, what could be better!?

First Day of Unicorn School by Jess Hernandez, illustrated by. Mariano Epelbaum
Milly can’t wait to attend Unicorn School! Even though she’s not actually a unicorn–she’s a donkey in a party hat. Soon, Milly realizes all the other animals aren’t unicorns either; they’re other animals disguised as unicorns. Funny! 

Bo’s Magical New Friend (Unicorn Diaries) by Rebecca Elliott
I’m giddy about this magical, sweet new series — this first book is absolutely enchanting, and not in a cheesy way at all. Written in diary format, Bo (short for Rainbow) shares about his life in Sparklegrove Forest where he lives along with other magical creatures. I loved the plot about a new friend, disappointments, helping others, and figuring out what’s really important in life — friendship!

Unicorn Wings by Mallory Loehr, illustrated by Pamela Silin-Palmer
Once there was a unicorn who had a magical, healing horn. But he didn’t care. He wanted wings. So he sets off on an adventure to find wings. Simple text, colorful illustrations, and an engaging story make this a win in my book.

Moonsilver (The Unicorn’s Secret #1) by Kathleen Duey, illustrated by Omar Rayyan
If you love unicorns, you’ll love this wonderful fantasy adventure unicorn book series for beginning readers. Heart falls in love with the newly purchased mare’s sickly colt, but her cruel guardian wants to sell the young horse. As she tries to protect the colt, she realizes that it’s not a horse but a unicorn. And so begins an adventure to protect the precious unicorns…

Louie Lets Loose! (Unicorn in the City #1) by Rachel Hamilton, illustrated by Oscar Armelles
I saw this in a bookstore and just had to buy it because unicorns! Louie arrives in New York to be a superstar in a performing arts school. His hilarious cluelessness is the kind of humor that kids (and dorks like me) love because it’s paired with a genuine, caring heart. In this delightful first adventure, Louie and his friends help raise money for his faun friend’s glasses while getting customers for his favorite place — the Sunshine Sparkle Dust Cafe.

Unicorn Magic: Bella’s Birthday Unicorn by Jessica Burkhart
The pacing is a bit slow in this beginning chapter unicorn book about Bella’s 8th birthday when she gets to (hopefully) be matched with her own unicorn. Bella’s evil aunt reveals herself at the end of the story and we are left thinking something bad will happen in the next story.  A decent but not stellar read for kids who like magic and unicorns.

Blizzard of the Blue Moon (Merlin Missions) by Mary Pope Osborne, illustrated by Sal Murdocca
Jack and Annie travel back in time to New York City in the 1930s to find a unicorn.

Unicorn Academy: Sophia and Rainbow
by Julie Skyes, illustrated by Lucy Truman
Well-written and charming, this unicorn book series is sure to entrance many young readers. In this story, Sophia arrives at Unicorn Academy and is paired with the lovely Rainbow. But, she feels guilty for making a new friend and leaving her best pony, Clover, back at home. On top of that, the unicorns’ magic is wonky because the lake is being poisoned. When someone accuses Sophia of doing the poisoning, she and her new friends investigate to find the true culprit.

Middle Grade Unicorn Books

Phoebe and Her Unicorn: A Heavenly Nostrils Chronicle by Dana Simpson
Sarcastic and hilarious, this is a laugh-out-loud comic book series about a precocious young girl and her reluctant unicorn “best friend”. This is one of our favorite books for kids because it’s such a funny book and we’ve reread it multiple times –a favorite around our house!

Pip Bartlett’s Guide to Unicorn Training (book 2) by Maggie Stiefvater and Jackson Pearce
Even more fun than the first book, Pip must help a neurotic unicorn named Regent Maximus survive the unicorn competition at the Triple Trident, a magical creatures fair and competition. Filled with fun facts about unusual creatures and a mysterious unicorn tail chopper, this is a pleasing page-turner.

The Order of the Unicorn (The Imaginary Veterinary Book 4) by Suzanne Selfors
I LOVE this entire series so much. Friends Ben and Pearl with Dr. Woo travel to the Imaginary World where, despite the dangers of fire-breathing insects and flesh-eating plants, a baby unicorn must be found and a suspicious human must be stopped.

Nathaniel Fludd: Beastologist by R. L. La Fevers
The year is 1928, the setting of England, and Nate’s wayward parents have just been reported lost at sea. Nate is sent that very day to his Aunt Phil’s house in Batting-at-the-Flies, but not for long . . . The morning after he arrives at the renowned beastologist’s doorstep, she whisks him away to the Arabian desert to witness a phoenix lay an egg. This series is filled with adventure and many magical creatures.

The Unicorn in the Barn by Jacqueline K. Ogburn, illustrated by Rebecca Green
Eric’s family is in a time of transition. His grandmother is in nursing care, her house and barn are sold to a vet who hires Eric to help around the stables, particularly with the secret magical creatures she cares for, including a hurt unicorn who is pregnant, a squonk, and a Cheshire cat. The vet and her daughter, Allegra, warn Eric about hunters and discovery by others. Eric wonders if the unicorn’s magic help heal his grandmother, only to discover that his grandmother knows all the magical creatures.

The Unicorn Quest by Kamilla Benko
Fantasy fans, you’ll love this series… Claire knows her big sister, Sophie, has snuck into the other world, the one up the fireplace she promised not to enter. But Claire knows she must rescue her and enters a world of magic with four guilds, wraiths, and missing unicorns. She teams up with Sophie’s friends to track a missing unicorn relic they think Sophie has stolen. They discover that the legends are wrong and Sophie didn’t steal the relic. Will Claire find Sophie in time before the Royalists kill her for her royal blood? And who will betray them?

Marabel and the Book of Fate
by Tracy Barrett (ages 9 – 12)
If you’re looking for a light-hearted fantasy story, this title fits the bill. Marabel, her servant friend, and a unicorn with a big personality leave their realm to rescue Marabel’s twin brother from their evil queen aunt in a neighboring kingdom full of magical creatures. They’ll be captured by giants, imprisoned by the queen, but eventually escape with a new understanding of the situation in both countries. A situation that Marabel might be able to fix.

Into the Land of Unicorns (Unicorn Chronicles)
by Bruce Coville
First in a four-book series, this fantasy adventure is action-packed — first with a dangerous man chasing them, Cara’s grandmother giving her an amulet, and then Cara jumping off a church tower into another land, a land called Luster. There, she meets many fantastical creatures who help her journey to the Unicorn Queen before the man can steal the amulet.

Skandar and the Unicorn Thief by A.F. Steadman
In Skandar’s world with bloodthirsty unicorns and unicorn riders, he’s denied as a unicorn rider until a mysterious woman sneaks him in. He learns he and his unicorn have the forbidden 5th spirit element like the evil Weaver whose been wreaking destruction and stealing unicorns. His new friends help him hide the magic and control his unicorn. But he and his unicorn’s elemental magic may be the only ones who can stop the Weaver. This is my new favorite unicorn book on this list!

The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle
Written with more descriptive passages than action, this is a longer fantasy story about an old unicorn, the last of her kind, who brings hope back to the world. I know kids who love this book, but my daughter and I didn’t find it very interesting. I think it just depends on what kind of book you’re looking for.

Does your child love unicorns? Of all the magical creatures in the world, unicorns are probably the most beloved by children. Celebrate these fantastical creatures with a memorable unicorn book or three -- picture books for younger readers and chapter books and middle grade books for older readers.


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