40 Best 2nd Grade Books in a Series

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Your readers will love these fantastic 2nd grade chapter books in a series to keep them hooked on reading. You’ll want these books in your classroom libraries as well as your home libraries. 

As 2nd graders gain confidence and skills with reading, every book they read helps improve fluency, a love of reading, and comprehension strategies. (Except in cases of learning differences.) So we want these second-grade kiddos to be reading as much as possible!! The more independent reading kids do, the more progress they’ll make in reading.

This brings me to these good chapter book series books for 2nd graders that your kids will love.

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Best 2nd Grade Books in a Series

Bug Scouts Out in the Wild
 by Mike Lowery (graphic novel)
Beginning readers will love this exciting and hilarious friendship adventure graphic novel–with incredible art from author/illustrator Mike Lowery! Three bug friends have a super secret headquarters where they get to earn bug badges. The friends start on their first badge–foraging but then they spy a frog!! And frogs EAT bugs! These bug scouts find a great solution– they use the spider’s hammock web to trap the frog. Hmmm…what badge can you earn for that?

Kid-Favorite Graphic Novel Series
King of the Birds
by Elise Gravel
Arlo is the self-proclaimed king of the birds. He befriends a cute yellow bird named Pip and shares with her his many talents. As the friends go on many adventures like visiting the big city and hunting for shiny things, learn facts about crows like big brains and counting up to 6 objects.

Diary of an Ice Princess: Snow Place Like Home
by Christina Soontornvat
This charming new book series for 2nd graders is about magic, friendship, myths, and diversity. The windtamers are magical beings who control the wind and weather. Unfortunately, Princess Lina’s powers are going wonky, especially when she gets upset. Luckily, her wise (and loud) grandfather helps Lina discover her true talents. Cheerful pink chapter titles, as well as pink-and-gray illustrations, give this book a very princessy feel.

Chapter Book Series for 2nd Graders
Bird and Squirrel on Ice 
by James Burks
In this funny book series for 2nd graders, Bird’s over-confident, laissez-faire character pairs perfectly with Squirrel’s logical, fearful one. In this first book, the duo crash land in the Penguin world where Bird is thought to be the “Chosen One” meant to save the penguins from the Great Whale.

17 Fantastic Chapter Book Series for 2nd Graders
Zoey and Sassafras Dragons and Marshmallows #1 by Asia Citro, illustrated by Marion Lindsay
Kids love these entertaining and well-written stories with the coolest mix of science and magic, diverse main characters, and fantastic illustrations. Zoey, like her mom, can see magical creatures and is tasked to care for any injured creatures that might need help. In this story, she uses her science skills (including research and the scientific method) to figure out how to care for a sick baby dragon.

good series for 2nd grade readers 2nd graders
Dory Fantasmagory
by Abby Hanlon
Dory is one of my favorite book characters because her imagination is THE BEST! She has three imaginary friends: one monster friend, one fairy godmother, and one bad lady nemesis. This book is hilarious and you’ll love the child-like illustrations –– it’s a favorite chapter book series for second graders. See all the Dory books here.

17 Fantastic Chapter Book Series for 2nd Graders
The Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne
These are MUST-READ chapter book series for 2nd graders! The books combine mystery, history, magic, and adventure as siblings Jack and Annie adventure through time to solve mysteries. I highly recommend this series, and if you get a chance, these first grade chapter books are GREAT on audiobook, narrated by Mary Pope Osborne herself. Boxed Set 1.

best book series for 2nd graders
Meet Yasmin!
by Saadia Faruqui, illustrated by Hatem Aly
This is the story of a girl named Yasmin who is interested in many things like exploring, building, and fashion. Four short stories with lively, full-color illustrations show Yasmin as a creative problem solver even when things get hard. Her Pakistani American culture is embedded throughout the story such as the foods Yasmin’s family eats like naan or how she calls her father Baba. Great books for 2nd graders.

Good Dog
by Cam Higgins, illustrated by Ariel Landy
What a sweet beginning illustrated chapter book written from Bo the dog’s point of view! Enthusiastic and full of personality, Bo adores his loving family and his life on the farm. But he worries when his dog tag goes missing. He searches the farm with the help of all the farm animals and his spider friends help him find it. Your readers will love this new series with a darling doggie narrator! Get the first 4 books in 1

17 Fantastic Chapter Book Series for 2nd Graders
Sofia Martinez My Vida Loca
by Jacquline Jules
My Vida Loca is the first chapter book in the series about the adventures of a spunky girl named Sophia — from her singing (that annoys everyone except abuela) to a cooking mishap of arroz con leche that her familia helps her fix. I love the bright pink text that indicates the Spanish words (maybe 1 or 2 a page). The illustrations are fun, capturing the emotions and action perfectamente.


Real Pigeons Fight Crime
by Ben Wood
In the first of three silly stories, Rock Pigeon is a crime-fighting pigeon who helps Grandpouter and the other park pigeons solve the problem of the vanishing bread crumbs. Hilarious disguises, charming illustrations, quirky characters, and funny mysteries, this is an entertaining romp that is sure to entice even the most reluctant of young readers.

17 Fantastic Chapter Book Series for 2nd Graders
Rise of the Earth Dragon (Dragon Masters) by Tracey West, illustrated by Graham Howells
In the times of castles and kingdoms, Drake learns he is a dragon master (and that dragons are real!) He must train with the other kids to master his dragon, an earth dragon. This is a fun chapter book series that will interest almost any child as it has just the right amount of conflict, adventure, and excitement.

The Toad: The Disgusting Critters Series
 by Elise Gravel
Visually captivating with interesting, just-right text that is informative and sometimes hilarious. I’m a fan of this kid-friendly nonfiction book series! (Also read: The Worm, The Fly, and The Rat)

 by Ian Boothby, illustrated by Nina Matsumoto
After escaping the evil laboratory, cats August and Charlie help others in a “Super Dog” dog disguise. But their evil scientist nemesis, a diaper-wearing baby named Princess, will stop at nothing to recapture the escaped cats…and conquer the entire world. Filled with adventure, friendship, and humor!

Mia Mayhem Is a Superhero!
by Kara West, illustrated by Leeza Hernandez
When Mia gets accepted into the Superhero training program, she learns that she is SUPER. She even learns that her parents are, also. After school at her new superhero training, she has a disastrous first day and learns that it takes work to become a superhero. Black and white illustrations, bigger print, and an exciting story make this a winning series for growing readers.

Donut Feed the Squirrels by Mika Song
Norma and Belly are squirrel friends who really, really want a donut. Can they work together, sneak in a food truck, and have the biggest ever donut party ever? Minimal text, plenty of silliness, and a lovely surprise ending!

Sadiq and the Desert Star
by Siman Nuurali, illustrated by Anjan Sarkar
Not only is this a great STEM story about a young boy who finds the stars to be fascinating, but it’s also a story with diversity because Sadiq’s Muslim family is originally from Somalia. The story is also about how after a field trip to the planetarium, Sadiq and his friends start a space club and work together to raise money for a DIY telescope. Growing readers will enjoy the friendship, teamwork, STEM topics, and diversity found in this first book of the Sadiq series from Capstone Publishing’s Picture Window Books.

Cat Ninja
by Matthew Cody, illustrated by Yehudi Mercado
By day Claude is Leon’s pet but by night, he’s Cat Ninja, Metro City’s protector! His nemesis is Leon’s sister’s evil hamster, Master Hamster. Learn the Cat Ninja’s origin story then follow his perilous, exciting, and humorous adventures!

17 Fantastic Chapter Book Series for 2nd Graders
The Bad Guys
by Aaron Blabey
Mr. Wolf invites other “bad guys” to a meeting with hopes they will join him in becoming good. Your kids will find lots of drawings and minimal text, making this series a favorite choice for second-grade readers who like ironic and potty humor.

good book series for 2nd graders
Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot
 by Dav Pilkey, illustrated by Dan Santat
Get ready for an addictive, action-packed, engaging sci-fi series for young readers. With awesome illustrations. It’s not often you see a book in full color – love that! After reading this book, kids will wish they had their own giant robot friend to help them conquer evil in the universe.

Ninja Kid: From Nerd to Ninja
 by Anh Do
Nelson is a nerdy and likable main character who wakes up on his 10th birthday with perfect vision and… ninja moves! His mum and grandma explain that like his missing fisherman dad before him, Nelson is the last ninja in the world — and he’s destined to save the world. Action-packed and funny plus appealing illustrations and great characters.

Mindy Kim and the Yummy Seaweed Business
by Lyla Lee, illustrated by Dung Ho
Mindy and her dad recently moved to Florida after her mom’s death. When the other kids at school make fun of her seaweed snacks at lunch, Mindy and her new friend Sally start a snack business to save money for a puppy.  This doesn’t go as planned yet it’s a big learning experience showing Mindy to be herself and be proud of her Korean-American culture.

The Fabled Stables Willa the Wisp
by Jonathan Auxier, illustrated by Olga Demidova
Auggie, the only human, lives on an island of mythical creatures but he’s lonely. When a new stall magically appears, Auggie enters and meets a Wisp who is hunted by ruthless magical poachers. It’s a darling start to a new book series for 2nd graders who love mythical creatures.

The Magic Mirror (Once Upon a Fairy Tale)
by Anna Staniszewski, illustrated by Macky Pamintuan
Readers who love fantasy, adventure, and mystery are going to love this book series for 2nd graders about two good friends who save The Enchanted Kingdom from everlasting summer… When Kara learns the ice princess is in trouble, she and her best friend Zed travel to the ice palace to help fix a magic mirror. They also want to help the argumentative sisters get along and share their beloved pet monkey between them. Will the friends be able to solve both problems? 

Undersea Mystery Club Problem at the Playground
by Courtney Carbone, illustrated by Melanie Demmer
Not only is this beginning chapter book a creative, entertaining mystery story with adorable full-color illustrations but it shows the power of problem-solving, listening, and working together. Violet and her best friend, the always-hungry narwhal named Wally, need to find out who is sabotaging the playground. Helpful back matter provides information and photos about decorator crabs, narwhals, and civil engineers.


Creature Campers The Secret of Shadow Lake
by Joe McGee, Bea Tormo
A very tall Bigfoot named Norm goes to summer camp but hates being different. He meets a human kid named Oliver who thinks Norm will eat him. Relatable themes of feeling like an outsider and making new friends plus some dry humor make this a fun, readable story.


Mac Undercover (Kid Spy #1) 
by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Mike Lowery
This funny adventure is about a kid who the queen of England uses to solve an important mystery…You’ll need to withhold disbelief, or at least I did, but it’s super cute and popular with many younger readers. The story includes many illustrations, and fabulous vocabulary words explained and repeated that perfectly fit the story such as regicide.

17 Fantastic Chapter Book Series for 2nd Graders
Notebook of Doom
by Troy Cummings
I think your 2nd graders will love this engaging, slightly creepy chapter book series. Alexander discovers his new town is FILLED WITH MONSTERS! And, he’s right in the middle of everything– especially after he finds an old notebook of drawings and facts about monsters. Box set here.

Zita the Spacegirl
One of our favorite graphic novels, Zita the Spacegirl, is a true friend who not only saves her best friend  from kidnappers but also saves the entire galaxy!Boxed Set HERE.

Pup Detectives 
by Felix Gumpaw
Someone keeps stealing all the lunches at Pawston Elementary, and it’s up to this group of mystery-solving dogs to investigate! Join Rider and her friends as they crack this lunchroom case once and for all.

Chapter Book Series for 2nd Graders
A to Z Mysteries by Rob Roy
This addictive chapter book mystery series will keep your 2nd grade kids reading for hours and days and months. My kids read them all more than once so we highly recommend this series, especially for second grade. Box set here.


The Dragonsitter Hot New Releases: Books for Kids Spring 2016
The Dragonsitter
 by Josh Lacey illustrated by Garry Parsons
Written in increasingly funny (and alarming) letters we learn that Uncle Morton left his pet dragon for Edward and his mom and sister to watch — with no directions!! The dragon poops in their shoes, eats their pet bunny, and causes all kinds of destruction which all are the subjects of Edward’s letters to his nowhere-to-be-found uncle. Finally, Edward hears from his uncle who suggests feeding the dragon chocolate. Will Edward’s mom lose her mind? Will the chocolate work?

Chapter Book Series for 2nd Graders
The Critter Club by Callie Barkley 
The girls in the Critter Club love animals and want to help them any way they can. You’ll find plenty of sweet stories in this series for animal lovers.

17 Fantastic Chapter Book Series for 2nd Graders
Jessica Finch in Pig Trouble (Judy Moody and Friends) by Megan McDonald, illustrated by Erwin Madrid
Jessica Finch is a delightful early chapter book with exceptionally pleasing and colorful illustrations. Jessica wants nothing more than a pig for a pet. For her birthday. When a misunderstanding happens with her best friend, Judy Moody, she learns a valuable lesson about not making assumptions and calling people names. This is one of my top picks for an early chapter book series for 2nd graders!


good books for 2nd graders
Stink: The Super-Incredible Shrinking Kid
by Megan McDonald, illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds
Stink is the brother of Judy Moody. He’s got a big imagination which he uses to imagine he has superpowers, helping him to deal with his daily life. The writing is funny and relatable peppered with incredible Peter H. Reynolds illustrations. Kids love this humorous book series for 2nd graders. Boxed Set HERE.


Book Series 3rd Graders Love to Read third grade book series
Mercy Watson to the Rescue
by Kate DiCamillo
Mercy is a pig who lives with Mr. and Mrs. Watson. They feed her buttered toast and take her for drives in their convertible. One night, Mercy gets scared and decides to sleep with Mr. and Mrs. Watson. Can you imagine what happens next? Hilarious and quirky, this is a fun series filled with many amazing adventures. Boxed Set HERE.

Chapter Book Series for 2nd Graders

Rainbow Magic Fairies by Daisy Meadows
These are very predictable but so many kids ADORE these chapter books – they are some of the most checked out books at our library. They’re about two human girls who are trusted to help the magical fairies search for something Jack Frost’s goblins stole.

Cat Kid Comic Club
by Dav Pilkey
Perfect for teaching kids to write their own stories! Cat Kid teaches a class for the tadpoles about making your comic books…which doesn’t go well until the tadpoles get excited about failure and get started writing and drawing. If you like a lot of silliness (including potty humor) with great messages about writing, creativity, and persistence, read this book next.

best books for seven year olds second grade
Jasmine Toguchi Mochi Queen
by Debbi Michiko Florence, illustrated by Eliazbet Vukovic
Jasmine is jealous that the older kids in her family have important jobs on the mochi-making day; she wants to do what the older boys and men are doing, pound the mochi rice. Her kind father figures out a way for Jasmine to join in. And even though it didn’t work out how she wanted, her family is proud of her and decides it’s okay to break some rules, like who gets to pound the rice. 

Baloney and Friends Going Up!
by Greg Pizzoli
From writing a theme song to sleepovers to thinking deep thoughts, this book of easier reading level stories showcases characters you can’t help but love including Baloney the pig, Bizz the bumblebee, Peanut the horse, and Krabbit the rabbit. Plus, read directions for drawing the characters with emotions in the back.

Amelia Bedelia Means Business 
by Herman Parish, illustrated by Lynne Avril
I’ve been enjoying these updated Amelia chapter books by the original author’s son. In this story, Amelia tries to make money for a new bike. These books series for 2nd graders (second graders) are perfect for readers who enjoy goofy humor and wordplay.

From an Idea to Disney How Imagination Built a World of Magic
by Lowey Bundy Sichol, illustrated by C.S. Jennings
I’ve read many other biographies about Walt Disney but this one stands out for its writing, pertinent information, and appeal. It shares about the business that continued on even after Walt’s death and his brother’s death including the merger with Pixar and the successful but controversial CEO, Michael Eisner. Fascinating!

Who Would Win? Whale vs. Giant Squid
by Jerry Pallotta, illustrated by Rob Bolster
Teachers tell me their students, especially boys, can’t get enough of the Who Would Win? books, even if they’re a bit above grade level and more challenging to read. This particular book pits two ocean carnivores against each other. First, you’ll learn facts about a sperm whale, then you’ll learn about the giant squid. Finally, read what happens when these two creatures face off.  Can you predict who will win? See all the addicting informational books in the Who Would Win series.

BUGS! Animal Planet Amazing Animal Facts Chapter Books
by James Buckley, Jr.
Full color with photographs, illustrations, and a kid-friendly design. The text size itself is perfect for elementary readers, slightly bigger than typical nonfiction books of this length with decent white space in between the lines and around it. Amazing Animal Facts Chapter Books is a stellar, highly recommended science chapter book series for 2nd graders.

40 best 2nd grade books in a series

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