Our goal is for children to learn to read, love books, and comprehend what they’re reading. 

I can help in a few ways.

First, I read hundreds of books monthly and curate good books for you to share with the children in your life. 

Whether you are looking for books to read aloud or books to help teach growing readers, or books to give to independent readers, you’ll find good books for all ages, grade levels, and comprehension levels. 

Second, I share helpful information, engaging activities and strategies to make reading meaningful and fun, and some practical knowledge about comprehension.

I want to support you (parents, teachers, librarians, and grandparents) in facilitating growth and interest in reading.

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Learn to Read

If your child or student is ready to learn to read, you’ll want to know where and how to start, what strategies are best, and the best books to share with your young readers.

Read Aloud

Reading aloud to kids shares the magic of stories and introduces children to good stories and new vocabulary words. 

It’s the easiest way to build a strong literacy foundation and the best predictor of future reading success.

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Reading and Technology

There’s nothing wrong with technology in moderation and for a purpose. 

Use educational apps to reinforce letter sounds and sight words. Read ebooks from the library or Amazon. 

Sometimes we can motivate technology-loving children in different ways when we incorporate reading and technology.

See what will work for your family with these helpful resources.

Devices for Kids to Read E-Books

Summer Reading Lists

When summer hits, you want to keep kids reading on a daily basis. But how?

To start, make sure kids have a stack of good books that interest them.

Then, consider accountability with a reading log, daily conversation, bingo board, or a book club.

These articles will get you started with your summer reading.

Reading Mentor Texts

Mentor texts are books that model anything– skills, strategies, formats, figurative language– for children. Get started learning new thinking strategies with these mentor text book lists.

small moments mentor texts

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