60 Best Toddler Books (for 2 Year Olds)

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Reading toddler books to your 2-year-olds benefits their growing brains, future literacy skills, and social/emotional growth. (Not to mention, it’s fun!)

But, how do you pick the best board books and picture books? I’ve got you covered with top picks from kids, teachers, and parents!

Find a new favorite toddler book for the young readers on your lap with this list of good books to you can read to your 2-year-olds– that they will love! With favorite authors like Todd Parr and Eric Carle, I’ll recommend even more notable authors and good books that you might not have heard of before. 

Start a reading habit with a bedtime book. Maybe even three before you say good night. Look for books with bold pictures and rhyming, silly humor, and relatable topics. See what appeals to your children and keep reading no matter what.

Toddler Books (for 2 Year Olds)

Hooray for Fish! by Lucy Cousins Y
our kids will love the brightly colored fish described with fun words — “spotty fish, stripy fish, happy fish, gripy fish.” There’s so much to look at and describe — this is sure to be a new reading favorite as it’s an excellent toddler book for boys and girls.

Best Books to Read to 2-Year-Olds Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker, illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld
As each vehicle at the construction site finishes their job for the day, there is one last thing to do, and then they’ll say goodnight. Gentle rhymes and soft-colored pictures of favorite trucks are the perfect way to lull any child into sweet dreams. Say goodnight to more trucks at the construction site — Crane Truck, Dump Truck, Bulldozer, and Excavator.

Best Books to Read to toddlers Go Dog Go by P.D. Eastman
Even though I’ve read this book a MILLION times with my kids, my kids still love everything about it — red dogs, blue dogs, big dogs, little dogs—all kinds of wonderful dogs—riding bicycles, scooters, skis, and roller skates and driving all sorts of vehicles on their way to a big dog party held on top of a tree.

Where Is Fuzzy Penguin (Touch + Feel + Look + Find) by Yayo
You will LOVE this adorable toddler book! Not only are these cute penguins who are happily playing and swimming, but you also get to feel and search for the one who is fuzzy!

Vegetables in Underwear by Jared Chapman
Giggle along with this very silly story about the wonders of underwear! Big, little, dirty, clean, we all wear underwear! “Just remember to put your clothes on top.” (Such sage wisdom!)

Best Books to Read to 2-Year-Olds Peekaboo Morning by Rachel Isadora
Play peekaboo with this little girl, her family, her puppy, and more. Don’t you love the playful characters?

Best Books to Read to 2-Year-Olds Old McDonald Had a Truck by Steve Goetz, illustrated by Eda Kaban
Calling all truck fans — this is the book for you! Because Old McDonald has a lot of trucks — a bulldozer, front loader, motor grader, dump truck, and more. E-I-E-I-O! This is not just a favorite for age 2 readers but also a family favorite sing-along picture book.

books for toddlers Where Do You Poop? by Agnese Baruzzi
My NEW FAVORITE GIFT BOOK for toddlers. In this rhyming and pull-the-tab book, you’ll read all about where and when kitties, birds, hippos, wolves, and mice poop. Pull the tab and see the poop pellets in the wood chips. This was the most popular toddler book of all the books that I gave my dentist’s daughter!

One Sheep, Two Sheep by Tami Sauer, illustrated by Troy Cummings
The other silly farm animals interfere with the rooster trying to count sheep to fall asleep. Poor rooster. He’s frustrated and it’s hilarious!

The Going to Bed Book The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton
A delightful rhyming adventure of animals on a boat as they prepare to go to sleep. It’s soothing, funny, and perfect for a bedtime story. (And another book I still have memorized 10 years later!) ANY book by Sandra Boynton is excellent — she’s such a gifted writer and illustrator.

Cerca / Close by Juan Felipe Herrera, illustrated by Blanca Gomez
A young girl of color shows us her world, specifically what things are close to other things. She does this by connecting things together. Earthy colors, an important concept (close), and enchanting illustrations.

Potty Training Books for Kids Underwear! by Jenn Harney
Little Bear is having a hysterical adventure with his underwear much to his parents’ exasperation. Rhyming, giggle-inducing text pairs perfectly with comedic, expressive illustrations. Potty training kids will be able to relate to this story about a little bear who has a lot of *fun* with his underwear.

Giggly Wiggly Playtime Rhymes by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Chris Riddell
I adore this book! It makes a perfect baby shower gift. Its rhythmic poems are FUN to say and act out. “Jiggle jiggle, we’re all wriggly. Wriggle wriggle, we’re all wiggly. Wiggle wiggle, we’re all giggly…” Or, “Fingers in bed / Fingers wake up / Fingers stretch / Fingers shake up.”

Yummy Yucky by Leslie Patricelli
What a silly and fun story! See if you agree with the author’s assessment of what is yummy and yucky. “Spaghetti is yummy. Worms are yucky.
100 Dogs: Playful Pups to Count by Michael Whaite
Small dog, tall dog, playing with a ball dog, big dog dig dog, burying a bone.” You’ll love seeing all the different kinds of dogs in this colorful, inviting toddler book that will be a favorite read-aloud!
Not Now Cow by Tammi Sauer, illustrated by Troy Cummings
Perfect for preschoolers, this funny take on the seasons shows the farm animals celebrating each season…with a clueless Cow dressing in the wrong outfits for each season’s weather. Each season is the same — the playful animals do seasonal activities and Cow shows up wearing something not quite right…Toddlers will love this!
Best Books to Read to 2-Year-Olds toddlers The Napping House by Audrey Wood and Don Wood
One of the most beloved picture books EVER, certainly by my family if not the world, The Napping House is a gentle, rhythmic story about the inhabitants of a sleepy house slowly falling into slumber– then, waking back up again. Muted blue-toned illustrations enhance this book’s perfectly sleepy ambiance.
The Rice in the Pot Goes Round and Round by Wendy Wan-Long Shang, illustrated by Lorian Tu
Sing along with this cheerful and exuberant story that rewrites the words to the familiar “Wheels on the Bus” song, making it a story about a large, multi-generational Chinese family sharing a meal together. Seeing the yummy foods will make you hungry for some rice, noodles, and dumplings yourself.
Hello, Friend Hola, Amigo by 123 Andres, illustrated by Sara Palacios
Gently narrated in English and Spanish rhyming text, this bilingual book based on a song encourages you to be friends with anyone– no matter the differences. It encourages children to remember we’re all the same.
favorite picture books for two-year-olds Please, Baby, Please by Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee, illustrated by  Kadir Nelson
My kids LOVED this book so much — and repeated readings were no problem because so did I. The parents implore their spunky young child to please behave, PLEASE. Great use of repetition and relatable to 2-year-old children …and their parents.
favorite picture books for two-year-olds Press Here by Herve Tullet
The most original, interactive, and imaginative interactive toddler books of them all! Make magic with the dots…press, rub, shake, tilt, blow, clap, . . . and watch what happens!
favorite picture books for two-year-olds R is for Robot: A Noisy Alphabet by Adam F. Watkins
Bright cartoon-like illustrations show expressive robots doing noisy things. “Ick, Jolt, Kapow, La La La, Meep.” An engaging toddler book with gorgeous and entertaining illustrations.
Lola at the Library by Anna McQuinn, illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw
Here’s yet another favorite book for your growing readers about a little girl and her mom’s library ritual. It’s simple and absolutely wonderful.

best board books for young readers Things That Go! (Indestructibles) by Amy Pixton, illustrated by Stephan Lomp
Chew-proof, rip-proof, and drool-proof, these paperlike little books are lightweight and indestructible. Learn all about vehicles on the road, in the air, in town, on the construction site, and on the sea. Bright illustrations and interesting information.

Diverse Board Books for Toddlers Global Baby BEDTIMES by Maya Ajmera
Toddlers love photos of other kids! In this sweet board book about getting sleepy and going to sleep, each page shows a baby from a different country. Some babies sleep in a cradle, some on their mama’s back, and some snuggle near a sibling.

Go Sleep In Your Own Bed! by Candace Fleming and Lori Nichols
Each animal goes to bed and finds another animal sleeping in the wrong bed. “Go sleep in your own bed!” the pig orders the cow, the cow orders the chicken, the chicken tells the horse, well, you get the picture. What will happen with the kitten? She gets to stay and cuddle in the little girl’s bed! Giggles all around!

Diverse Board Books for Toddlers The Babies and Doggies Book by John Schindel and Molly Woodward
This diverse book is spot-on for the age group as it shares the fun antics that both babies and dogs do — things like cuddle, peek, sniff, and squirm.

Diverse Board Books for Toddlers You Can Be by Elise Gravel “There are many ways to be a kid. You can be . . .” begins this brilliant book filled with acceptance for a child’s ways of being, including funny, sensitive, noisy, artsy, caring, dirty, strong, studious, helpful, and scared. Gravel shows the possibilities in being yourself and feeling different emotions. Parents reading this book will express their parental love and acceptance of their children.

The Poop Song by Eric Litwin, illustrated by Claudia Boldt
Rhyming, adorable, and fun — especially for the potty training toddlers.

books for toddlers Everyone Says Please (Except Cat) by Jamie Michalak, illustrated by Katie Mazeika
You’ll crack up at this book showing animals with good manners and a cat who stops and fumes and demands CHEESE. It’s a full-on meltdown until he realizes that mouse got cheese simply by saying please. So the cat says please, too…and he finally gets what he wants.

Cuddly Cow by Axel Scheffler
Cuddly Cow is sleepy and looking for a good, quiet place to sleep. The cows are too noisy. So are the chickens. Where will she go? Includes a sound button which while cute, may get slightly annoying to parents, or at least to me.

My First Baby Signs BEST books for TODDLERS My First Baby Signs by Phil Conigliaro and Tae Won Yu
Talk about a must-own board book! Parents, you’ll want this for you and for your little ones. It will first teach and then reinforce the important signs that kids ages 9 months, age 1, 2, and even age 3 can use to communicate with caregivers. This book’s colorful pages show eight essential signs that young children can use to communicate basic needs.

Up, Up, Up, Down! by Kimberly Gee
Lyrical and repetitive, this relatable storyline captures a day in the life of a talkative toddler and a stay-at-home dad with evocative, diverse illustrations. Sure to bring a chuckle to both you and your growing reader when you read it aloud.

Monsters in Trucks by Laura Baker, illustrated by Nina Dzyvulska 
Toddlers and preschoolers will love the exuberant explosion of colors, monsters, and trucks filling every page. The rhyming text shows monsters building, drilling, and working very hard, whether they’re cleaning the street or eating everything they can. 100% adorable.

favorite picture books for two-year-olds The Wonky Donkey by Craig Smith, illustrated by Katz Cowley
This wonky donkey is walking down the road, he hasn’t had any coffee and up to mischief.  It’s on this list of the best books for 2-year-olds because it’s a silly (very silly!) cumulative story filled with rhyme and onomatopoeias like “stinky dinky lanky honky tonky winky wonky donkey.”

Books for two year olds The I Love You Book by Todd Parr Read about unconditional love shown in Todd Parr’s characteristic colorful style . . . Your little one’s fingers will want to push and poke the puffy heart cover. It’s a warm-hearted book you are going to read and reread.

Red House, Tree House, Little Bitty Brown Mouse by Jane Goodwin, illustrated by Blanca Gomez
Fall in love with the simple, lyrical story showing the colors of a little girl’s world around her illustrated with bold graphic-style pictures.

Forty Winks: A Bedtime Adventure by Kelly DiPucchio, illustrated by Lita Judge
This large mouse family’s bedtime routine feels familiar and sweet. They get ready with rituals of reading books, whispering prayers, tucking in tight, goofing around, and procrastinating, and it’s a read-aloud delight!

What Can You Do with a Rock by Pat Zietlow Miller, illustrated by Katie Kath
What an inspiring book to show children the creative ways to play with rocks…You can skip them, drop them, sort them, study them, change them, and so much more. There are many things you can do with a rock. “Skip drop kerplunk.

Readers get to participate in telling this very silly story — and they’ll be cracking up the whole time. Meet the narrator’s best friend named OOH, who you’ll scare away. Then you’ll help him find his underpants… Or are they YOURS? What a crack-up! I love it!
I'm Brave I’m Brave by Kate & Jim McMullan
Firefighter fans are going to love to read about the life of a brave (and good-looking’) fire engine driving through smoke and heat to a blazing fire. Filled with lots of delightful sound effects: CLANG, HONK, WHOOSSSSSH, and EEEEEEOWOOOO for young children.
Can You Yawn Like a Fawn! by Monica Sweeney with Lauren Yelvington, illustrated by Laura Watkins
This gorgeous sleepy-time book shares the nighttime rituals of baby animals and asks if the reader can yawn like them. It’s so perfect for bedtime, Yawn along with this highly recommended bedtime story.
f is for fairy tale F is for Fairy Tale by Greg Paprocki
Starting with A for adventurous, this beautiful board book captures castles, dragons, jewels, a unicorn, and more with an alphabet of fairy tale scenes featuring kids and animals for each letter all the way to ZZZZZzzzzz.
Richard Scarry’s Super Silly Seek and Find!
Perfect for toddlers, this is a playful, oversized seek and find board book. From the bedroom to the bathroom to outside on a busy street and gas station, your littles will get to look for one or more items such as 3 trash cans, 7 green bugs, and 1 potted plant. Highly recommended to share with the toddler readers on your lap.
teeny tiny farmer Teeny Tiny Farmer by Rachel Matson, illustrated by Joey Chou
This female farmer drives to town with a load of vegetables. But, oh, no! Her truck won’t make it up the hill! And then it gets stuck She. needs help and who should help her — the tiny pig and cow and sheep and chickens — the farm friends work together to save the day and get the truck unstuck!
Seek and Find Puzzle Books Treasure Hunt for Kids by Roger Priddy
Develop counting and sorting skills while searching for the hundreds of hidden things in the busy, colorful scenes packed with multiple images and objects to seek and find.
Mommy Snuggles Mommy Snuggles by Anne Gutman and Georg Hallensleben
Animal mothers take good care of their babies. “Mommy swan glides with her cygnet / under her wing.” See the animals and learn the names of the adults and babies.
Jungle illustrated by Jane Ormes
What an adorable toddler book to learn about animal families! I love the color schemes with neon orange, blues, and greens. For each animal, you’ll read what the daddy is called, the mommy is called, and then lift-the-flap under the mommy to read what the babies are called.
Roar! by Katerina Kerouli
Playful descriptions and lift the flaps show kids the mouthes of different safari animals like a snake, lion, crocodile, monkey, and tiger. “Snap Snap,” it says inside the crocodile. “Such colorful scales, such a flicky tongue, such pointy fangs…Look out, everyone! Hiss Hiss.” A darling, interactive animal book for 2 year olds!
Big List of books for 2 year olds How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten? by Jane Yolen, illustrated by Mark Teague
Mark Teague’s illustrations wonderfully depict these playful dinosaurs doing fun things that kids do all day long — playing with blocks, balls, toys, and teddy bears! Can you count along?
Your Nose! A Wild Little Love Song by Sandra Boynton
Perfect for young readers learning body parts, this sweet song in a book celebrates YOUR amazing nose. Sing it your own way or check out Boynton’s version of the song on her Blue Moo album. (We highly recommend it!)
Best Books to Read to 2-Year-Olds Peekaboo Morning by Rachel Isadora
Play peekaboo with this little girl, her family, her puppy, and more. Don’t you love the playful characters?
Best Books to Read to 2-Year-Olds Old McDonald Had a Truck by Steve Goetz, illustrated by Eda Kaban
Calling all truck fans — this is the book for you! Because Old McDonald has a lot of trucks — a bulldozer, front loader, motor grader, dump truck, and more. E-I-E-I-O! This is not just a favorite for age 2 readers but also a family favorite sing-along picture book.
Best Books to Read to Age 2 Touch the Brightest Star by Christie Matheson
We love this sweet, interactive picture book. Touch, press, pat, and blow as you say good-night to the deer, the tree, the stars, and the owls. Shhh. Breathe in deeply. It’s time to sleep! Your youngest readers will really enjoy this. 🙂
Is Everyone Ready for Fun? by Jan Thomas
We are addicted to Ready for Fun –it’s a great book for reading together and practicing your silly voices.
Best Books to Read to 2-Year-Olds Guess How Much I Love You Here I Am! A Finger Puppet Book by Sam McBratey, illustrated by Anita Jeram
Play hide-and-seek with the Little Nutbrown Hare finger puppet! Big Nutbrown Hare searches for Little Nutbrown Hare. Wiggle the Little Hare’s puppet hiding in a tree, under a rock, near white flowers, and other places. 2-year-olds love this playful, sweet board book showing a loving relationship between caregiver and child.
The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
Not only was this best picture book a favorite from my own childhood, but it still endures today as a must-read classic toddler book! It has finally snowed and the little boy can’t wait to go outside to play…
favorite picture books for two-year-olds
We Are the Dinosaurs by Laurie Berkner, illustrated by Ben Clanton
Laurie Berkner’s popular song is now a super cute picture book for toddlers. As you read the song lyrics, follow along with Dax as he and his friends go exploring, marching, picnicking, napping, and roaring. Clanton’s animated illustrations with cartoon-like dialogue bubbles make these dinosaur friends inviting and friendly. A best toddler book for 2-year-olds.
good books for age 2 Vegetables in Underwear by Jared Chapman
I’ve read a lot of books about underwear, but this is my first vegetable underwear book!! It’s totally adorable, too. “I wear underwear, you wear underwear, we all wear underwear,” shout the veggies who also model underwear opposites: dirty/clean, serious/funny, and so forth.
There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight by Penny Parker Klosterman, illustrated by Ben Mantle
Jaunty rhymes and plenty of silliness make this a read aloud favorite, now in a board book version. This dragon swallowed a knight — and so much more. That’s not polite! Which the dragon realizes when his tummy gets too big. He burps and they all, well, almost all, leave his stomach.
The Underwear Book by Todd Parr
As you read these do’s and don’ts, I predict your kids will crack up like my kids always did. For example, do put your clean underwear away. But don’t put it in the freezer! Helpful and silly tips will encourage your kids to embrace their underwear, especially those potty-training kiddos.
A Parade of Elephants by Kevin Henkes
My kids and I were immediately attracted to the pastel-colored illustrations of elephants who are going through their day until they fall asleep at night. One, two, three, four, five begins the rhythmic text with over, under…in, out, and marching. Gentle. Perfect for reading aloud at bedtime or anytime. It’s sure to be a new two-year-old read-aloud favorite. 
Counting Kisses: A Kiss and Read Book by Karen Katz
Bedtime snuggles were never so much fun! From ten kisses on ten tiny toes all the way to one kiss on a sleepy head, count and kiss baby goodnight.
Reading toddler books to your 2-year-olds benefits their growing brains, future literacy skills, and social/emotional growth. (Not to mention, it's fun!)

But, how do you pick the best board books and picture books? I've got you covered with top picks from kids, teachers, and parents!

Find a new favorite book for the toddler readers on your lap with this list of good picture books to you can read to your 2-year-olds-- that they will love!

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