Best Board Books for Babies

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Want the best board book gift ideas for a baby shower? Or maybe you’re buying board books for your own family and need good book recommendations for a new baby or toddler in your life. As a parent myself (and teacher and literacy trainer,) I’ll share with you my top picks for kid-favorite board books.

I always recommend sharing board books with babies. Yes, babies.

High-quality, wonderful, interactive board books will grow readers, increase your cuddle time, teach vocabulary, develop background knowledge, and build a love of books. As you know, reading aloud to children is the BEST way to grow a strong reader and writer.

Let your babies and toddlers sit on your lap and look at the pictures of any of these wonderful, engaging board books.

Because if you want your child to become a strong reader, a reader who LOVES to read, start that daily reading habit when they are babies.

It’s so worth it!

Get Read Aloud Tips for Busy Parents HERE.

But first, what is a board book?

Board books are short, sturdy books for babies. and toddlers printed on hard pages.

These books are interactive delights — some are lift-the-flap, some are pull-the-tabs, all are wonderful.

The best board books have colorful illustrations or photographs and minimal text.

See which board books are your child’s favorites. I’ve discovered that each child will have preferences.

Some prefer photographs, some touch and feel books, and so on. My eldest daughter’s favorite was the familiar classic, Pat the Bunny, while my younger daughter’s favorite was a lesser-known classic, The Big Red Barnand both LOVED the Usborne touch-and-feel board books like That’s Not My Puppy.

Whatever you do, just keep on reading to your kids!

You’re doing exactly the best thing for your child’s literary life. Go, you!!

Download a printable list of the 15 best board books from this list.

Ready to find highly recommended board books for baby and toddler gifts and home libraries?

best board books for babies and toddlers

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Best Board Books for Babies

Baby Montessori Book Set
illustrated by Agnese Baruzzi
I’m so excited to give these board books to my friends having babies! As you know, babies see black, white, and red so those are the colors of these illustration-only board books. The illustrations will give you plenty to talk about with babies as you point and discuss the objects in the pictures. You might say, “What a big tree! “Look over here, there’s a small plant. One is big and one is small.” The books in this set are:

  1. Big or Small?
  2. The Garden
  3. Animals
  4. Follow Me!

the Very Hungry Caterpillar Best Board Books for Babies and Toddlers
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
by Eric Carle
I think this is the perfect board book — interactive, sequential, repetitive (that’s a good thing for young children) and beautifully illustrated. It’s a must-own, best buy! (As is any Eric Carle book.)

Brown Bear Best Board Books for Babies and Toddlers
Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?
by Bill Martin Jr.
A classic for a reason — babies and toddlers love predicting what comes next while learning animal and color words. It’s a kid-favorite board book and one of the best you’ll read. I love giving this as a gift but oftentimes, it’s a duplicate of someone else’s gift so I’d suggest picking another book from this list.

You’re My Little Baby
(The World of Eric Carle)
Rhyming, lyrical, and so very sweet, this poem to animal babies will be a new favorite. “You’re my little lamb, so gentle and sweet. // You’re my little monkey, whose smiles are such a treat.” Darling! Give this book at your next baby shower–it’s lesser-known but just as wonderful.

Where is baby's belly button Best Board Books for Babies and Toddlers
Where Is Baby’s Belly Button?
by Karen Katz
Little fingers will love playing peek-a-book in this sweet lift-the-flap book about the baby’s body. It’s another must-own, toddler favorite, adult approved, best board book of all time. (Can you tell we love this book!?)

Where Do You Poop?
by Agnese Baruzzi
Pooping — everybody does it — and this is probably my NEW FAVORITE GIFT BOOK to give to babies. In this rhyming and pull-the-tab book, you’ll read all about where and when kitties, birds, hippos, wolves, and mice poop, just to name a few. I LOVE how fun and playful it is, too. The mouse says, “When inside my tummy starts to feel not so good it’s time for a poop on these chips made of wood!” Pull the tab and see the poop pellets in the wood chips. The last page shows a human on the toilet happily pooping, too. (So, give this to your potty training toddlers, too.)

I Thought I Saw a Bear!
by Lydia Nichols
See the bear on a boat, a car, a train, and a hot air balloon, by simply moving the slider to hide and reveal the bear.

Goodnight Moon Best Board Books for Babies and Toddlers
Goodnight Moon
by Margaret Wise Brown
I adore this book beyond reason and still have it memorized. It’s a beautiful story about saying good-night to everything in a room, and one of my kids’ all-time favorite books ever. Start reading it when they’re babies– it’s a fun tradition!

The Going to Bed Book
The Going to Bed Book
by Sandra Boynton
A delightful rhyming adventure of animals on a boat as they prepare to go to sleep. It’s soothing, funny, and perfect for a bedtime story. (And another book I still have memorized 10 years later!) ANY book by Sandra Boynton is excellent — she’s such a gifted writer and illustrator.

Silly Lullaby
by Sandra Boynton
Just when you think Sandra Boynton’s books couldn’t get any better, this new book comes along to charm and delight readers young and old. I love, love, love this book and so will your kids. Because the daddy sings a very silly lullaby to his little boy. Something about chickens in the bathtub? She’s my favorite!

Little Fish and Friends
by Lucy Cousins
Feel the lumpy and bumpy shell, the soft and fluffy bumble fish, the wrinkly and rough eel-fish, and all the friends that Little Fish sees when he swims in the sea. A playful, tactile story children will want to read (and touch) again and again.

Giggly Wiggly Playtime Rhymes
by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Chris Riddell
I adore this book! It makes a perfect baby shower gift. Its rhythmic poems are FUN to say and act out. “Jiggle jiggle, we’re all wriggly. Wriggle wriggle, we’re all wiggly. Wiggle wiggle, we’re all giggly…” Or, “Fingers in bed / Fingers wake up / Fingers stretch / Fingers shake up.”

Pigs in a Blanket
by Hans Wilhelm, illustrated by Erica Salcedo
Fun, funny, rhyming awesomeness. See what pigs do from morning until night — it’s an adventurous day of plays, tutus, baking, and more.

The Underwear Book
 by Todd Parr
As you read these do’s and don’ts, I predict your kids will crack up like my kids always did. For example, do put your clean underwear away. But don’t put it in the freezer! Helpful and silly tips will encourage your kids to embrace their underwear, especially those potty training kiddos.

Baby, Let’s Count! (Indestructibles)
by Ekaterina Trukhan
Indestructible books are rip-proof, waterproof, and lightweight–practice counting animals with colorful illustrations and rhyme from one to ten.

A to Z Sandra Boynton

A to Z
 by Sandra Boynton 
Boynton’s delightful illustrations accompany busy animals — dinosaur dancing, elephant eating, and so forth. ALL Boynton’s board books are excellent and hilarious including this one for children learning the alphabet and animals!

Old MacDonald Poke-a-Dot Board Book (Melissa & Doug)

Read and sing along with this fantastic interactive book in which little fingers get to click and pop the buttons on each page.

Zoo: Baby’s First Cloth Book
by Lisa Jones and Edward Underwood
Remember Baby Boo? IN this story, she and Daddy ride the bus to the zoo where they see many animals and hear the sounds that some animals make. “”Hello, giraffe!” says Baby Boo.” This book also has a striped cloth velcro handle and is washable. Colorful illustrations with simple text about animals is sure to make this first book widely appealing to young readers.

Mad, Mad, Mad
by Leslie Patricelli
Sometimes the little baby gets mad and doesn’t want to play. When he wants to stop, he hugs his blankie and walks around, breathes in and breathes out. He feels better.

I Love My Tutu Too! by Ross Burach
Get ready for some funny tongue-twisting counting!
Penguin loves her tutu. So do Bear and Ant and Toucan. Count along from 1 to 10 as the story adds friends and– tutus!! “Three tutus. We toucans love tutus too!” When they get to ten, it’s time for a dance party. This is one of those stories that begs to be read aloud…if you can get through it while you’re laughing.

Search the Castle by Jill Howarth
Open up the castle doors and help the characters search their rooms to find the princess’s crown. Search the library, the dungeon, the music room, and more. You’ll find lots of fun things, but not the crown. Where can it be? Tons of fun with lovely illustrations.

Pat the Bunny
Pat the Bunny
by Dorothy Kunhardt
My firstborn loved this book so much it’s now in tatters. Why? It’s so fun to touch and feel!

Little Owl’s Bedtime
by Karl Newson, illustrated by Miggy Blanco
Little Owl has a job to do — she passes sleeping animals in her journey to blow out each star. Lyrical text mimics the flying, soaring, swooping owl who says good night to the stars. An enchanting story for bedtime that will remind children that the stars will go away and sun will always rise again, thanks to Little Owl.

Munch best board books
by Matthew Van Fleet
A humorous look at how animals munch, crunch, and eat! In this hands-on read-aloud that’s sure to be a favorite for toddlers, tabs and textures animate the madcap antics of a cast of frolicking critters whose mouths are made to do more than eat!

Mail Duck by Erica Sirotich
Mail Duck delivers shapes! First, triangles to Trudy. Look at all the triangles Trudy gets in the mail and all the triangle shaped things in her A-frame house. Mail Duck continues delivering shapes his other animal friends, Cecil who likes circles, Scout who likes squares, Omar who likes ovals, Rosie who likes rectangles, and Harry who likes hearts. Then get ready for a fun surprise inside the post office. Cute with detailed, interesting illustrations to pour over as you read, this is a delightful way to practice recognizing shapes.

Letters From Maisy
by Lucy Cousins
Maisy is exploring the world. As she visits different places, she sends letters to her friends. Reach into the envelopes to pull out the letters. She even sends gifts like the fan for Ella and the horse for Tallulah. Isn’t this ADORABLE? Use this book to prompt your own letter writing!

Guess How Much I Love You Here I Am! A Finger Puppet Book
by Sam McBratey, illustrated by Anita Jeram
Big Nutbrown Hare searches for Little Nutbrown Hare. Wiggle the Little Hare’s puppet hiding in a tree, under a rock, near white flowers, and other places. You’ll love the playful interactive puppet, the sweet story and the loving relationship between caregiver and child. Will this be a new favorite for the readers on your lap?

Two Dogs on a Trike A Counting Book by Gabi Snyder, illustrated by Robin Rosenthal 
Pay close attention to the illustrations as you count the dogs riding in vehicles starting with a trike, then a scooter, bicycle, trolley, and even hot-air balloon…But who is that following them? Who will be the 10th? Hint: It’s not a dog! Count backward from ten as the dogs run for their lives. Fun and funny.

best board books for babies
My First Pop-Up Dinosaurs
by Owen Davey
WOW! Each page opens to a sturdy, earth-toned pop-up dinosaur. The artwork is gorgeous, mesmerizing for readers because it POPS! Each of the 15 dinosaur names is written on the bottom right corner of the page as well as a phonetical guide to pronunciation for us clueless adults who don’t know how to say words like Coelophysis. (It’s SEE-lo-FIE-sis just in case you didn’t know.) This is the best first dinosaur book you could buy a child!

My First Baby Signs
by Phil Conigliaro and Tae Won Yu
Talk about a must-own board book! Parents, you’ll want this for you and for your little ones. It will first teach and then reinforce the important signs that kids ages 9 months, age 1, 2, and even age 3 can use to communicate with caregivers. This book’s colorful pages show eight essential signs that young children can use to communicate basic needs. 

Best Board Books for Babies and Toddlers
Animals in Underwear ABC 
by Todd Parr
A whole new twist on the animal alphabet — animals in underwear! And, in classic Todd Parr style, your kids will love those fun, bright, and bold colors.

best board books for young readers
Things That Go!
 (Indestructibles) by Amy Pixton, illustrated by Stephan Lomp
Chew-proof, rip-proof, and drool-proof, these paperlike little Indestructible books are lightweight and indestructible. Learn about vehicles on the road, in the air, in town, on the construction site, and on the sea. Bright illustrations and interesting information make this the perfect book choice for young readers.

Best Board Books for Babies and Toddlers
Baking Day at Grandma’s
by Anika Denise, illustrated by Christopher Denise
It’s baking day! It’s baking day! It’s baking day at Grandma’s!” This catchy, melodic refrain appears throughout the warm-hearted story about bears going to grandma’s house to cook a special wintry treat. It’s absolutely a delightful story that will make you want to curl up with your own cup of cocoa and a piece of chocolate cake. (Recipe included on the back of the book.)

The Wheels on the Bus
by May Nakamura (CoComelon)
JJ is on a field trip and on the bus during which he and his classmates get to sing a song. The bus ride story of rain, sunshine, and questions about their arrival is juxt opposed with the lyrics to the song. These characters are from the popular tv show Cocmelon on YouTube and Netflix.

Best Board Books for Babies and Toddlers
Llama Llama YUM YUM YUM! A Scratch-and-Sniff Book
by Anna Dewdney
I LOVE that this book is scratch and sniff books! Llama Llama has toast, eggs and OJ for breakfast — smell the yummy OJ. (Got to love the illustration of the sleepy Llama Mama!) You’ll follow along with the hungry llama’s eating day and smell his pink juice at snack, the jelly on his PB&J sandwich at lunch, the pickle jar at the grocery store, spaghetti for dinner, and the special desert at night. YUM is right!

Farm Block
by Christopher Franceschelli, illustrated by Peskimo
This board book resembles a big block — imagine three or four books put together and that is how wide the book is. From the rooster crowing “Cock-a-doodle-doo!” this book takes you all around the farm. Feed and count the chicks on a fold-out page. Open the barn doors to milk the cows, brush the horses, and feed the goats. But there’s so much more than this. It’s absolutely a delightful time at the farm.

everyone says please (except cat)
Everyone Says Please (Except Cat)
by Jamie Michalak, illustrated by Katie Mazeika
You’ll crack up at this book showing animals with good manners and a cat who stops and fumes and demands CHEESE. It’s a full-on meltdown until he realizes that mouse got cheese simply by saying please. So the cat says please, too…and he finally gets what he wants. I love this darling book about manners.

Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland (Bedtime Classics)
illustrated by Carly Gledhill
Meet a diverse Alice who follows a white rabbit and tumbles into a magical place called Wonderland. Alice has adventures that are easy to follow and beautifully illustrated.

Future Engineer
by Lori Alexander, illustrated by Allison Black
Finally, a developmentally appropriate book about a STEM concept!  “Engineers want to know how things work. // So does Baby.” The diverse illustrations show an engineer with her robot and a little boy with his toys. “Engineers make things that help others. // Baby loves to help!” What a darling introduction that makes engineering relatable to kids and what kids do.

Go, Go, Pirate Boat
by Katrina Charman, illustrated by Nick Sharratt
I love that you can read/sing the words in this story to the tune of “Row, Row, Row, Your Boat”! Little pirates row across the salty sea, see the ocean creatures, scrub the decks, find treasure, and return home. “Walk, walk, walk the plank, don’t fall in the sea! // Shiver me timbers, what a day! Home for you and me!

Good Night Buenas Noches
by Meritxell Marti & Xavier Salomo
The text is basic — first in English, then in Spanish — making it easy to either read in one or the other language or both languages. With the slider illustration as reinforcement for your second language, you don’t need to read it in your first language at all. Kids will be able to infer “estrellas” with the illustration of four stars. “Good night, stars. / Buenas noches, estrellas.” Say goodnight to the moon, tree, stars, squirrel, cat, house, and baby.

best children's board books
Let’s Go, Bobby! A Trace-the-Path Book 
by Ruth Wielockx 
How fun is this book! Trace your finger on the pages as you ride along with Bobby on different vehicles. Zig-zags over a mountain, wiggle around a go-kart track, loop de loop in the sky, and much more. Even circle the moon!  I love that these pages help kids strengthen fine motor skills.

Frankie’s Food Truck
This board book is a fun learning adventure for children who are learning shapes. Each day of the week Frankie serves a different shape. Lift the flaps on the plates to see which foods his customers can order. It’s squares on Monday and circles on Wednesday and hearts and stars on Fridays. What a yummy introduction to shapes!

BEST board books
Who’s Hatching?
by Jennifer Sattler
Two dinosaurs find an egg and wonder what it will look like… big or tiny? red spots or green? smooth or spiky? What sort of dinosaur will come out? Get ready for a fun surprise twist — because it’s not a dinosaur that hatches. Delightful! Perfect for the toddler crowd.

Dream Big, Little One
by Vashti Harrison
Incredible, beautifully illustrated African-American women fill the pages of this little board book. They are astronauts, leaders, singers, dancers, reporters, actresses, and painters, the trailblazers that show little girls many possibilities.

illustrated by Jane Ormes 
What an adorable book to learn about animal families! I love the color schemes with neon orange, blues and greens. For each animal, you’ll read what the daddy is called, the mommy is called, and then lift-the-flap under the mommy to read what the babies are called. Plus pandas, elephants, tigers, and the group names for each. I learned a few things from this darling book.

Pin Pon (Canticos) by Susie Jaramillo
Depending on the way you hold the book, you’ll read this catchy song in either English or Spanish about a darling little cardboard boy named Pin Pon who cleans and eats and goes to bed just like a regular boy. As you learn about manners and hygiene, lift the flaps to see more to the story and nouns. Watch the Pin Pon video and hear the song in Spanish on NickJr. (So cute, right?)

best board books
Ditty Bird Children’s Songs
Read and sing along with the songs accompanied by the super cute child singing music for: The Wheels on the Bus, Five Little Monkeys jumping on the Bed, If You’re Happy and You Know It, B-I-N-G-O, Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes, and Five Little Ducks. Very exuberant!

Best Board Books for Babies and Toddlers
Farm Animals Look & Learn
National Geographic Kids
Vibrant photographs with simple text introduce children to farm animals— cows, chickens, sheep, horses, and pigs. Younger children really love the photos in this book.

There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight by Penny Parker Klosterman, illustrated by Ben Mantle
Jaunty rhymes and plenty of silliness make this a read-aloud favorite, now in a board book version. This dragon swallowed a knight — and so much more. That’s not polite! Which the dragon realizes when his tummy gets too big. He burps and they all, well, almost all, leave his stomach.

Best Board Books for Babies and Toddlers 
Who’s There?
 by Alain Crozon
Lift-the-flaps covering the egg, apple, wing, fin, or nesting doll and see what you can find. I love the colors, the illustrations, and the onomatopoeia on each page — buzz, buzz, chomp, chomp. The flaps appear sturdy enough to withstand lots of kid-tugging. Also by this author: All Shook Up!

You're Tutu Cute board book
You’re Tutu Cute
by Sandra Magsamen
Lift the flap to finish the questions in this girly, pink and ballet-loving bear book. If you are a twirly, dancing girl then you’re “tutu cute” says the colorful book.

Diverse Board Books for Toddlers
You Can Be
by Elise Gravel
There are many ways to be a kid. You can be . . .” begins this brilliant book filled with acceptance for a child’s ways of being including funny, sensitive, noisy, artsy, caring, dirty, strong, studious, helpful, and scared. Gravel shows the possibilities of being yourself and feeling different emotions. Not only is the book lovely, but Gravel’s artwork is also captivating and expressive.

Watch Me Grow!

Babies LOVE books like this one with photos of real babies. It begins with a milestone at one month of age (“Watch me clench my fist!“) and continues until 24 months (“Watch me stand on my tiptoes!“). It’s really interesting for us adult readers to follow the developmental milestones of these children who lift their heads, stand, walk, and eat with a spoon. But kids will just love seeing the babies grow into toddlers.

good board books for babies and toddlers
Where’s the Ladybug?
by Ingela P. Arrheniu
OOOH, I adore this lift-the-felt-flap book! Babies and toddlers will enjoy finding the bugs under leaves, flowers, and rocks in this brightly colored board book. Guess who you’ll find at the end? You in the mirror!

Picture This Shapes
Picture This Shapes 
by Judith Nouvion
See the dots on the ladybug wings. Or the triangle of the green moth. The diamond made by a devil ray. Flip through these beautiful nature photographs to find the shapes.

Into the Forest
by Laura Baker, illustrated by Nadia Taylor
Layered die-cut pages make the cover a remarkable 3-D image that begs to be touched and the pages turned. Feel the bumpy textures on each page of rich illustrations in orange, blue, brown, and green colors. Follow the squirrel as she searches for her mama. She scampers through the forest where she meets foxes, bears, rabbits in the different layers of the forest until she finds her family and her favorite tree.

Lois Looks for Bob at the Park
by Gerry Turley
A kitty named Lois looks for her friend Bob who is a bird. Lift the flaps to search the park for Bob — is he behind the gate or beneath the bench? I like the clean illustrations and the sturdy flaps but I especially like the animals all named people names– Lois, Peggy, Derek, Susan, etc. That cracks me up for some reason! Also, read Lois Looks for Bob at Home.

Best Board Books for Babies and Toddlers
Global Baby BEDTIMES 
by Maya Ajmera
Babies and toddlers love photos — especially photos of other kids! In this sweet board book about getting sleepy and going to sleep, each page shows a baby from a different country. Some babies sleep in a cradle, some on their mama’s back, and some snuggle near a sibling.

Best Board Books for Babies and Toddlers
Blue Boat
by Kersten Hamilton, illustrated by Valeria Petrone
Blue Boat is a brave tugboat that has a busy day sailing across the waves and rescuing a small sailboat. I love the simple text and the bright illustrations in this charming board book. This book is an engaging, must-own for 2- and 3- year olds and one of the best on the list.

A Surprise for Tiny Mouse
A Surprise for Tiny Mouse
by Petr Horack
Mouse loves the weather of all the seasons except the splashy rain. See mouse run into the hole. Turn the wheel and see the rain stop so the rainbow can come out.

Best Board Books for Babies and Toddlers
Black Cowboys
by Kyla Ryman, photographed by Andrea Robbins and Max Becher
Predictable text (“This cowboy is . . . laughing“) and photographs show black cowboys and cowgirls riding horses in this well-done, diverse board book.

Bizzy Bear Board Book
Bizzy Bear Knights’ Castle
by Benji Davies
Baby and toddler fingers can pull down Bizzy Bear’s helmet, move his sword, help his horse gallop and more in this tour of Bizzy Bear’s castle activities. 

Take a Look Bunny board book
Take a Look, Bunny
by Liesbet Slegers – SLIDE
Pull out the page and watch as the little girl joins Bunny to play. They’re at the park, in a ball pit, in a sandbox and on a trampoline. I love the little girl reveal in each picture.

goodnight goodnight construction site board book
Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site
by Sheri Duskey Rinker and Tom Llichtenheld
As the trucks get ready to end their day and go to sleep, make the sounds by pressing one of the five picture sounds when the book indicates. The backing up sound is quite realistic!

by Giuliano Ferri
No words are needed in this sweet board book. Each page shows an animal covering his or her face. Lift the paws or hooves to see what animal it is. Peek-a-boo! Beautiful illustrations.

best board books for kids
Wheels at Work: EMERGENCY
by Cocorette
Lift the flaps to see the emergency vehicles at work. You’ll see an ambulance, police, fire truck, tow truck, and more emergency vehicles. Bright colors and appealing illustrations make this a favorite!

I Love You Snugglesaurus board book
I Love You, Snugglesaurus
  by Sandra Magsamen
Do you stomp your feet to the beat and growl for fun and give hugs at night? Then you must be “my snugglesaurus!” Lift the flaps and feel the cover’s soft, squishy heart. This author writes the BEST board books for babies and toddlers!

Alpha Block
 by Christopher Franceschelli
A wonderful work of art — this is also literally an alphabet book block. Each thick page is a letter shape. Kids will enjoy looking at the next letters, and the vintage-style graphics in bold colors. Love it!

Cars Go board books
Cars Go
by Steve Light
Cars make lots of sounds — the hot rod goes brrrr, the pickup truck goes bripit bripity, the taxi goes skreeek! honk! Extra-long pages give kids lots to see and hear!

Shhh! I'm Sleeping Best Board Books
Shhh! I’m Sleeping
by Dorothee de Manfred
Two sets of 4-high bunk beds house an assortment of animals. Some are asleep but some aren’t — and they mostly all end up waking up for one to read them a bedtime story. Toddlers will think this is a charming book.

Good Night, Trucks
Everything Goes Good Night, Trucks A Bedtime Book
by Brian Biggs
A fun, colorful basic book with lots of trucks good for babies and toddlers alike.

Best Board Books for Babies and Toddlers
A Tree for All Seasons
 by Maryse Guittet
Even the littlest readers love to touch and interact with a board book. Turn the top part of the tree to see what it looks like in each season. Lift the flaps to see who is hiding under the branches. Surprise~ it’s a bunny!

Best Board Books for Babies and Toddlers
Bedtime for Chickies
 by Janee Trasler
It’s time for bed but just as everyone is ready to tuck in, the chickies: are thirsty, have to go potty, and need a story. You know how these things go! Very silly and fun.

i say, you say colors
I Say, You Say COLORS!
 by Tad Carpenter
This I Say, You Say book is all about colors. Lift the flaps and see that when I say sun, you say yellow. Love it!

little white rabbit
Little White Rabbit
 by Kevin Henkes
A gorgeous story of a little rabbit who WONDERS.  When he hops through the grass, he wonders what it’s like to be green. When he hops over a rock, he wonders what it’s like to not move. As he snuggles up to his mommy at the end of the day, he knows he never has to wonder about who loves him.

cowy cow
Cowy Cow
 by Chris Raschka
This book isn’t actually a board book — but it reads like it is, with simple text and pictures. It’s a fun book about Cowy Cow’s ideas like if you chew grass long enough, it might taste like a gluten-free oatmeal raisin cookie. Cow is a genius.

we're going to the farmer's market
We’re Going to the Farmers’ Market
 by Stefan Page
Read this simple board book before, during, and after your trip to the Farmers’ Market. See eggs, milk, cheese, fruits, and veggies and take them all home to cook a feast.
Edgar Gets Ready for Bed
Edgar Gets Ready for Bed: A BabyLit First Steps Picture Book

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven, meet the plucky toddler Edgar the Raven! He’s mischievous, disobedient, and contrary. Dinnertime, cleanup time, and bedtime are all met with one word: NEVERMORE! Such a fun twist for a board book!

Pretend and Play Firefighter
Pretend & Play Firefighter
This sturdy-handled board book with fire-related puzzle shapes to insert on each page. Your little firefighters will love this fun, interactive book.

What's In Your Purse
What’s in Your Purse? 
by Abigail Samoun, illustrated by Nathalie Dion
Your little ones will want to carry this cardboard purse/book all around. Open it to find questions and delightful lift-the-flap treasures in the purses of mom, auntie, grandma, sister, and you. Fantastic book to treasure for years!

Who Did It!
Who Did It?
 (boxed set) by Ohara Hale
If you like potty humor, and I do, these short board books are must-owns! The titles are: Who Sneezed? Who Burped? Who Farted? Who Peed? Who Pooped? Curious kids observe each two-page spread filled with talking (and pooping, peeing, burping) animal characters. I LOVE these interactive and kid-friendly board books.

First Book of Girl Power
My First Book of Girl Power
From Wonder Woman’s ability to find the truth to Black Canary’s powerful voice to Batgirl’s keen mind, readers will find lots of girl power to admire in this unique board book.

New Children's Books
My Birdie
 illustrated by Jessie Ford
This bird-themed board book features pop-out, sturdy puzzle pieces, counting, and color recognition, perfect for babies and toddlers.

Book Recommendations for Kids
Humpty Dumpty by Charles Reasoner
A fun retelling of this familiar nursery rhyme.

Book Recommendations for Kids
Odd One Out Big and Small by Guido Van Genechten
I like this board book so much because it’s interactive — it asks questions. The green alligator page asks, “Who has lost all his teeth?“, “Who is long and who is short“. and “And who is ready to go to a party?

best board books 
Cook in a Book: Pancakes! An Interactive Recipe Book
 illustrated by Lotta Niemien
Follow the recipe directions in this interactive board book, pull the tab, turn the wheel, punch out pieces, and soon you’ll have poured, mixed, whisked, and cooked pancakes! Fun!!

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DC Super Heroes On the Go!  
by Julie Merberg
This is a great board book for introducing superheroes to young children.

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Sandra Boynton Books
Sandra Boynton books

Nursery Rhyme Books

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